Friday, November 20, 2009

This Year's Love

I truly get inspired to write blog posts when I have stuff to be doing! (Same thing happens when I clean my studio and condo-always something else I should be doing!) I designed and then we sent out the Save the Date cards for Sarah and Ryan's wedding a week ago. Five months before–not too bad. And now it's time to design the wedding invites! But before I do that, I just wanted to devote a little time to acknowledge this darling STDs (save the dates-yes i know what that commonly refers to) that they asked me to do.

Sarah and Ryan are rare clients. I had total artistic liberties again! One would think that this would make this an easy project because of that. Well I take it all back! I appreciate a little guidance every now and then. Sarah said she wanted a magnet and that they needed to go out soon. So I went with that!

The inspiration for this project came from their modern color scheme of charcoal gray and yellow – Thanks to wedding planners Jenny & Annie from Royal Peach Weddings & Events. I wanted to take a different and unique approach to the magnet STD because I personally think they have "been done." So I incorporated the card that the magnets were mounted on by having a cute poem on it: "ryan bought the ring. sarah said yes. there's going to be a wedding. we hope you'll be our guest."

My personal favorite touch is the instructions on the back. I was worried that someone wouldn't recognize that they were magnets, so I included instructions on the back: "instructions: remove magnet from card. place on fridge. wait for invite."

So now to get to business and design those wedding invites!

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