Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am so excited to be designing invites for my cousin Matt and his fabulous fiancĂ© Erin! The event is going to be super special because the actual wedding will be celebrated in Minnesota, not Aurora (where Matt grew up) or anywhere close actually. So this is a chance for all of Matt and his parents’ Colorado friends and family to be a part of this great union.

I love it when I get awesome clients. And Matt, Erin and Peggy (the groom’s mother) are ideal clients. What makes awesome clients you ask? One that give the artist “artist liberties.” They actually told me to pick my favorite from the designs that they couldn’t choose. (insert gasp here)

The party will be in the beginning of autumn so that’s where my inspiration came from – the leaves and the colors of orange, brown and deep purple. The attractive duo were easy to place in my design. And nothing makes or breaks (in my opinion) a design like an envelope. I found these “Deep ‘V’ Flap” envelopes at my local paper store! What a find!?

Maybe they’ll let me do their actual wedding invitations…. (hint hint wink wink)

Side note: Matt has a very clever and funny and super entertaining blog himself! Check him out at

Now to bill clients. Wah waahh. I hate billing people. Sometimes I actually feel guilty for charging people for doing the coolest job ever!


  1. what a most excellent idea, ann marie, to blog or not to blog. good choice. and, as always, love your work!

  2. Awesome! Very cool, Annie. I'll bookmark and add to my site for added press!

  3. Annie! LOVE the new blog :) I, too, am new to the blogging world but thought I'd give it a try! HAPPY BLOGGING!

    PS- I never responded to your comment about the stationary details at our wedding. Kirstin Gentry came up with and made everything...check out her blog too: